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Ramesh Boggula
Assistant Professor and Clinical Internship Coordinator
Jacob Burmeister
Professor, Chief of Physics for Karmanos Cancer Center, Director (Medical Physics Graduate Programs)
Janice Marie Campbell
Medical Physicist (Nuclear Medicine) at William Beaumont Hospital
Michael Joiner
Professor, Director (Radiation Biology Program)
Otto Muzik
Professor of Radiology & Pediatrics at Children's Hospital of Michigan
Adrian Nalichowski
Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology Physics Coordinator for Karmanos Cancer Center
Colin Orton
Professor Emeritus
Joseph Rakowski
Associate Professor Emeritus, Physics Director (GammaKnife), Radiation Safety Officer (Radiation Oncology)
Michael Snyder
Adjunct Associate Professor, Physicist (Radiation Oncology) at Beaumont Hospital
Kundan Thind
Adjunct Associate Professor
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Division of Radiation Oncology