List of Graduates


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Eric Morris Glide-Hurst Incorporating Cardiac Substructures into Radiation Therapy for Improved Cardiac Sparing PhD 2020
Jeffrey Alberghini Loughery Off-Axis, Multiple Target, Single Isocenter Winston-Lutz Testing with TrueBeam Developer Mode MS 2020

Ina Sala

Guerrero/ Burmeister High Frequency Percussive Ventilation for Tumor Motion Immobilization. PhD 2019
Nick Myziuk Guerrero Quantification of Respiratory Induced Pulmonary Blood Flow From 4DCT PhD 2019
Steven Nielsen Snyder Past, Present, and Future of Proton Therapy MS 2019
Shawon Joseph Laub/Ming A Novel Program to Merge Proton Therapy Pencil Beam Scanning Fields for High-Risk Prostate Patients MS 2019
Laza Rakotondravohitra --- --- GC 2019
An Qin --- --- GC 2019
Rebecca Culcasi Snyder Validation of Varian TrueBeam Accuracy for SBRT Treatments MS 2018
Brian Loughery Snyder Kilovoltage Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy PhD 2018
Ann Marie Santiago Rakowski Radiochromic Film Based Validation of the Leksell Gammaplan Convolution Algorithm with Heterogeneity MS 2018
Justine Cunningham Glide-Hurst Development and Evaluation of a Novel MR-Compatible End-To-End Phantom MS 2018
Dillon Raxter Moran Evaluation of Portal Dosimetry for the Pre-Treatment Quality Assurance of Metastatic Brain VMAT SRS MS 2018
Justin Kamp Maev The Development of a Practical Ultrasonic System for Cross-Sectional Imaging of Small Animals MS 2018
Samuel Rusu Snyder An Investigation on the Dosimetric Effect of Target Motion in a Heterogenous Lung Phantom as Simulated by Couch Motion MS 2017
Evan Silverstein Snyder Investigation of the Microsoft Kinect v2 Sensor as a Multi-Purpose Device for a Radiation Oncology Clinic PhD 2017
Jatinder Saini Bloch/Burmeister Commissioning and Validation of Analytical and Monte Carlo Based Dose Calculation Algorithms for Proton Spot Scanning PhD 2017
Akila Kumarasiri --- --- GC 2017
Adrian Nalichowski Burmeister Clinical Applications of Advanced Rotational Radiation Therapy PhD 2017
Charbel Habib Drake Physical Characterization of, and Compensation for, the Support Structure Used for Pre-Treatment QA Phantom Measurements MS 2016
Kurt Van Delinder Snyder Higher Statistical Uncertainty with Small Pixel Sizes Gives Higher Gamma Pass Rates MS 2016
Marisa Leney Nalichowski Assessment of Dose Changes due to Anterior-Posterior Patient Separation Deviations During Daily MVCT Scans MS 2016
Kevin Wunderle Dong / Muzik X-ray Beam Characteristics and Radiation Dose Deposition to Soft Tissue from Fluoroscopic X-ray Beams Incorporating Copper Filtration PhD 2016
Geoffrey Baran Bossenberger / Burmeister IGRT for Lung SBRT: MVCT vs kV-CBCT for Targets Subject to Respiratory Motion MS 2016
Yair Hillman Wen Evaluation of Mobius 3D and FX for Varian Edge SRS and SBRT MS 2016
Mikhail Chetvertkov Gordon Principal Component Analysis-Based Anatomical Motion Models for Use in Adaptive Radiation Therapy of Head and Neck Cancer Patients PhD 2016
Jonathan Krehling Snyder Comparison of Two IMRT Quality Assurance Methods MS 2016
Ryan Price Glide-Hurst Toward Magnetic Resonance Only Treatment Planning: Distortion Mitigation and Image-Guided Radiation Therapy Validation PhD 2016
Eleanor Pryser Clarke Monte Carlo Modeling of Secondary Neutron Production During Proton Therapy MS 2016
Arielle Uejo Rakowski Rapid 4D Lung Tomosynthesis MS 2016
Hao Xu Wen Systematic analysis of errors of using 2D/3D Image registration in target localization and treatment delivery in stereotactic radiosurgery MS 2015
Qixue Wu Wen Radiosurgery of Multiple Brain Metastases with Single-Isocenter VMAT: Optimizing Treatment Geometry to Reduce Normal Brain Dose MS 2015
Yashwanth Katkuri Wen Review: Integration of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Radiation Therapy Accelerator MS 2015
Ching-Yi Hsieh Cheng Quantifying Magnetic Moments and Susceptibilities of Small Cylindrical and Spherical Objects in MRI PhD 2015
David To Gilde-Hurst Impact of Incorporating Visual Biofeeback in 4DMRI MS 2015
Joel Rogers Song Material Decomposition Using Dual and Triple Energy Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) MS 2015
Sonal Joshi --- --- GC 2015
Jesse Snyder --- --- GC 2015
Claire Coughlin Richer Evaluation of Whole Brain Radiotherapy with Hippocampal Avoidance and Simultaneous Integrated Boost MS 2015
John Barrett Knill Monte Carlo Calculated Correction Factors for the MicroDiamond Detector in the Gamma Knife Model C MS 2015
Jeff Riess Snyder Characterization of an Orthovoltage X-ray Beam to be Used for Therapeutic Glioblastoma Treatments MS 2015
Long Jian Liu --- --- GC 2015
Elizabeth Covington --- --- GC 2015
Kathryn Masi Matuszak Knowledge-Based Treatment Planning and its Potential Role in the Transition Between Treatment Planning Systems MS 2015
Kevin Jordan Bichay A Systematic Analysis of the Error Sources Within the CyberKnife M6 Daily AQA Test MS 2015
Weili Zheng GIlde-Hurst MRI-Based Automatic Air Segmentation for Generation of Synthetic CTs in the Head Region MS 2015
Andrew Santoso Wen Evaluation of the Gantry Speed on Image Quality and Imaging Dose for 4D Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Acquisition MS 2015
Zhanjia Hou --- --- GC 2014
Mengdi Li Zhong Benchmark Image-Based TCP Calculation for Evaluation of PTV Margins for Lung SBRT Patients MS 2014
Michael Dumas Rakowski Investigation to Quantify Sensitivity of Presage Dosimeter Formulations in Sheet Form and Examine Gold Nanoparticles Dose Enhancement MS 2014
Jose Benito Pastora --- --- GC 2014
Joseph Koh Snyder Creation of Novel Mini-MLC System for Use in Low Energy X-ray field to Treat Brain Tumors Utilizing Iodine Contrast MS 2014
Josh Gaul Richer An Investigation of Modern Techniques in Breast Radiotherapy MS 2014
Shuo Wang Brown Exploration of the Mechanisms of Radiosensitive Agents on Lung Cancer and Prostate Cancer MS 2014
Swetha Sabu Snyder A Comparative Study of Conventional Radiotherapy, Hypofractionation and SBRT in Prostate Cancer Using Biological Effective Dose MS 2014
Benjamin Catt Snyder A Method of Dose Calculation Using the Linear Boltzmann Transport Equation MS 2014
Alan Mayville Snyder Design and Construction of a Continuously Variable Micro-Collimation System for the Delivery of Low-Energy Radiotherapy MS 2014
Jeffrey Adams Zhong A method to verify dose calculation and accumulation algorithms for adaptive radiotherapy MS 2013
Andrew Veres Snyder To Better Understand IMRT and Planned Dose Distributions: A Measure of Entropy MS 2013
Jonathan DeLauter Snyder The Search for Systematic Multileaf Collimator Position Errors in Varian Dynalog Files MS 2013
Nian Xiao Jin Toward Individualized Fractionation for Radiation Treatment of Lung Cancer MS 2013
Chun-I Lin Lee The Effect of CT Image Metal Artifact Reduction in Proton Planning for Prostate Cancer MS 2013
Mary Cherven Snyder Commissioning the Eclipse Treatment Planning System for a Low Energy Photon Beam MS 2013
John Gallo Burmeister Single Fraction Spine SBRT End-To-End Testing on Tomotherapy, Vero, TrueBeam, and Cyberknife Treatment Platforms Using a Novel Anthropomorphic Phantom MS 2013
Erik Maddock Yudelev Gated Lung SRS/SBRT With Conical Collimators MS 2013
Mark Sak Duric The Role of Tissue Sound Speed as a Surrogate Marker of Breast Density PhD 2013
Ian Gallagher Pawlicki Theoretical Applications of Control Charts for Aiming and Monitoring the Process of Linear Accelerator Output MS 2012
Don Eagle Nalichowski Dosimetric Evaluation of Total Marrow Irradiation Using Three Different Treatment Planning Systems MS 2012
Robyn Spink Burmeister / Snyder Quality and Deliverability of Intensity Modulated Neutron Radiotherapy (IMNRT) Plans MS 2012
Peng Zhou Snyder Web-based Database of Linac Morning Quality Assurance Data MS 2012
David Jack Snyder Significance of Leaf Motion Error for RapidArc Lung SBRT in Proximity to the Heart MS 2012
Hao-Wen Cheng Snyder Modeling Dose Enhancement from High Atomic Number Nanoparticles Using the GEANT4 Monte Carlo Simulation Toolkit MS 2012
Michael Sigler Snyder A comparative study of conventional radiotherapy, hypofractionation, and S.B.R.T. in prostate cancer using biological effective dose MS 2012
Michael Derr Snyder The sensitivity of RapidArc lung SBRT plans to leaf motion error MS 2012
Matthew Buczek Rakowski Investigation to Measure Radiation Dose Enhancement from Gold Using Gafchromic Film MS 2012
Muhammad Faiz Duric Inter-Rater Reliability of Ultrasound Tomography as a Means to Measure Breast Density MS 2012
Ali Kakakhel Snyder / Lack Commissioning of a Cylindrical Teflon Phantom for SBRT Delivery Quality Assurance MS 2011
Sartaj Bhullar Rakowski Varian Trilogy / Brainlab versus Gamma Knife Radiosurgery: A Dosimetric Comparison MS 2011
Xiaodong Liu Snyder Fast Monte Carlo Simulation for Total Body Irradiation Using a Co-60 Teletherapy Unit MS 2011
Raminder Sandhu Burmeister / Lack Evaluation of Daily Patient Setup Uncertainties MS 2011
Daiquan Chen Glide-Hurst Impact of Metal Artifact Reduction in Treatment Planning: Comparison of Dose Calculation Algorithms MS 2011
Mark Smith Nalichowski Experiments to Implement a Helical Tomotherapy System for Total Marrow Irradiation MS 2011
Steven Laub Burmeister / Snyder A Technical Evaluation of Tomotherapy's Automatic Roll Correction Feature MS 2011
Lindsay Runyan Rakowski Investigation of Fe3O4 Nanoparticle Uptake into U251 Human Glioma Cell Nuclei and Their Effect on Cell Survival and Radiosensitivity MS 2011
Sean Boyer Duric Using Breast Density as an Indicator of Side Effects and Change Induced by Tamoxifen and Radiation Treatment for Ductal Carcinoma In Situ MS 2011
Jiajian Shen Duric A Study of Using Convolution to Correct Tumor Motion Effect When Treating Pancreatic Cancer with IMRT MS 2011
Kai Yang Tyagi / Yan Sensitivity Analysis of Smartarc Algorithm for VMAT Planning, Delivery, and QA MS 2011
Mark Tucker Rakowski Dosimetry of Low-Energy Characteristic X-rays MS 2011
Aizhen Zhang Chetty Comprehensive Evaluation and Clinical Implementation of Commercially Available Monte Carlo Dose Calculation Algorithm MS 2010
Nathan Whitmore Burmeister / Nalichowski Observances in Delivery Quality Assurance for Tomotherapy MS 2010
Chris Devick Nalichowski / Burmeister The Clinical Implementation of Planned Adaptive for Helical Tomotherapy MS 2010
Kenneth Barton Brown Non-Invasive Semi-Quantitative Imaging of Adenovirus-Mediated Gene Expression MS 2010
Ning Wen Nurushev Adaptive Radiotherapy of Prostate Cancer PhD 2010
Bo Zhao Burmeister Beyond the DVH – Spatial and Biological Radiotherapy Treatment Planning PhD 2010
Robert Halford Nalichowski Clinical Implementation of Beam Angle Optimization Using the Eclipse Treatment Planning System MS 2010
Jatinder Saini Rakowski Phantom Dose Study Comparing KVCT and MVCT- Based Helical Tomotherapy of the Prostate in the Presence of Bilateral Hip Prostheses MS 2010
Cory Knill Burmeister / Liu A Novel Technique for Correcting Interleaf Edge Modeling Errors MS 2010
Michael Snyder Burmeister / Joiner Dose Escalation in Prostate Cancer Using Intensity Modulated Neutron Radiotherapy MS 2010
Karen Chin Rakowski The Effects of Neurosurgical Titanium Mesh on Radiation Dose in the Gamma Knife MS 2010
Yu Lei Wu A Hybrid Strategy of Online and Offline Adaptive Treatment Planning for Prostate Cancer MS 2009
Ellen Gopan Glide A Retrospective Study Evaluating Various Lung Volumes for Use in Radiotherapy Planning of Lung Cancer and Breathing Pattern Changes Throughout Lung Cancer Radiotherapy as Indicated by Tidal Volume MS 2009
Olga Gopan Wu Evaluation of a 3D Surface Imaging System for Realignment of Patients with Head and Neck Cancer MS 2009
Stacie Smith Kim Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Using Couch Rotation: An Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation Planning Study MS 2009
Justus Adamson Wu Prostate Intrafraction Motion Assessed by Simultaneous kV Fluoroscopy at MV Delivery PhD 2009
Melissa Wilson Nurushev Surface Dose Measurements with a Cylindrical Chamber versus a Parallel Plate Chamber and the Impact on Treatment Planning MS 2009
Will Estabrook Rakowski Dosimetric Properties of 8 keV Characteristic X-rays MS 2009
Travis Schultz Bharucha / Liu A Dosimetric Comparison of Ring & Tandem Brachytherapy and Helical Tomotherapy for Treatment of Cervical Cancer MS 2009
Bijoyananda Adhikary Haacke Study Duration and Noise Sensitivity of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Modeling Parameters MS 2009
Santosh Kar Brown Mitigation and Treatment of Radiation-Induced Brain Injury Using Atorvastatin MS 2009
Minghao Cai Guan Reconstruction of X-Ray (125kV) Spectra by Measuring the Transmission Data MS 2008
Rana Al-Khayyat Burmeister Quantitative Evaluation of IMRT Delivery Accuracy MS 2008
Janice Campbell Wong / Muzik Development of Dose Response to Y-90 Microsphere Treatment of Metastatic Liver Cancer by Quantitative Analysis of SPECT and PET Images PhD 2008
Yingjian Yu Zhang Clinical Implementation of Image Guided Spine Stereotactic Radiosurgery MS 2008
Bria Thompson Hugo Quality and Accuracy of Cone Beam Computed Tomography Gated by Active Breathing Control MS 2008
Danielle Worthy Wu Parameter Optimization for Head and Neck IMRT MS 2008
Hua Sui Matuszak Volumetric Arc Therapy (VMAT) Planning and Preliminary Delivery Verification MS 2008
Cristina Palcu Nurushev A New Approach to Field Matching: Extending the Treatment Volume MS 2008
Yang Xu Duric A Study of Three-Way Image Fusion for Characterizing Acoustic Properties of Breast Tissue MS 2008
Sanath Kumar Brown A Novel Method of Boron Delivery Using Adenovirus Expressing Sodium Iodide Symporter for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy MS 2008
Charles Dodge Flynn A Rapid Method for the Simulation of Filtered X-Ray Spectra in Diagnostic Imaging Systems PhD 2008
Mark Smyczynski King / Muzik An Investigation of the Impact and Correction of Respiratory Motion on the Detection of Small Lung Lesions in SPECT Imaging PhD 2008
Hazel Ramirez Zhang Radiation Treatment Machine Quality Assurance Using Electronic Portal Imaging Device MS 2008
Paul Atkinson Glide Comparison of Dosimetric Inaccuracies Introduced by Intrafraction Respiratory Motion in IMRT and VMAT MS 2008
Mubin Shaikh Liu, Burmeister, Joiner Biological Effect of Different IMRT Delivery Techniques: SMLC, DMLC, and Helical Tomotherapy MS 2008
Taejin Hwang Yudelev Implementation of Dosimetric Parameters of Multi- Leaf Collimator for Fast Neutron Therapy into Treatment Planning System MS 2007
Anthony Doemer Hugo The Feasibility of a Hybrid Active Breath-Hold / Gating Technique for Lung Radiotherapy MS 2007
Yimei Huang Burmeister / Joiner The Effects of Dose Averaging on Tissue Response MS 2007
Michael Huberts Hugo A Quality Assurance Protocol for Quick Daily Verification of Cone-Beam CT Isocenter Calibration MS 2007
Derek Schulze Zhang An Evaluation of Online Image-Guided Prostate Radiotherapy Treatment Techniques MS 2007
Mahalakshmi Srinivasan Yudelev / Joiner / Burmeister Dosimetry and Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE) of a Low Energy (8-22 keV) X-Ray Beam Generated Using A Miniature Electronic Brachytherapy Device MS 2007
Carri Glide Duric A Novel Approach to Evaluating Breast Density Utilizing Ultrasound Tomography PhD 2007
Yun Wang Yudelev / Burmeister Image Guided Neutron Radiotherapy: A Six Degree Correction Method Using Implanted Fiducial Markers MS 2007
Yixiang Liao Burmeister / Joiner Use of Biological Indices to Guide Radiotherapy Treatment Planning MS 2007
Annica DeYoung McDermott Dose Verification for Lung Inhomogeneities in Corvus IMRT MS 2007
Shalini Pandya Burmeister Effect of Fluence Smoothing on Plan Quality and Delivery Accuracy in Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy MS 2007
Ryan Danley Muzik Acceptance Testing of a Positron Emission Tomography / Computed Tomography (PET/CT) Scanner MS 2007
Simon Makar Yudelev Dosimetry of Soft Characteristic X-rays from Copper and Titanium Using Burlin Theory and GafchromicTM EBT Film MS 2007
Sally Sheim Ewing MRI Measure of Vascular Permeability in Brain Tumors in Response to Synergistic Interaction with Radiation and Antiangiogenesis Treatment MS 2007
Khalid Alyousef Yudelev A Novel Approach to Mixed Field Dosimetry Utilizing Silicon Based P-I-N Diodes PhD 2006
Lifeng Lin Burmeister MPACT (Multi-parameter Plan Analysis and Comparison Tool) MS 2006
Richard Rogow Bichay A Dosimetric Characterization of a Compact Doorless High Energy Linac Vault MS 2006
Jianxing(Jason) Gong Burmeister Super-IMPOSE (Intensity Map Pre-treatment OverSight and Evaluation): A Software Package for IMRT QA and its Clinical Application MS 2006
Hang Dong Guan The Hounsfield Units Accuracy of Varian's On Board Cone-Beam CT (CBCT) and its Effect on Dosimetric Verification MS 2006
Leonard Kim Yan Online Localization of the Lumpectomy Cavity Using Surgical Clips MS 2006
Gang Yu Chen Refining Gamma Evaluation Using A Threshold Dose Concept In Pretreatment Quality Assurance for IMRT MS 2006
Adam Evearitt Burmeister State of the Art in Image Guided Radiotherapy MS 2006
Pinky Sharma Burmeister Leakage Characteristics of Two Common Multileaf Collimators and Their Implications for Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy MS 2006
Fatima Ahmed Alkhafaji Comparison of Varian Golden Beam Data (GBD) versus Measured Data and Verification of AAA Algorithm For Photons Beam as Part of Commissioning a Clinac iX MS 2006
Susan Tulpa Johnson Commissioning of a Tomotherapy Unit MS 2006
Ning Wen Guan / Nurushev Dose Delivered from Daily CBCT to Patients Receiving RT for Prostate Cancer MS 2006
Scott Symington Burmeister / Joiner Methods for Biological Plan Evaluation in Radiotherapy MS 2006
Justus Adamson Wu Beam Hardening and Scatter Corrections for Cone Beam CT Reconstruction MS 2006
Dilip Makin Mobit Clinical Implementation of Enhanced Dynamic Wedge MS 2005
Ahmed Aly Burmeister Implementation of an Algorithm to Determine Electron Output and Dmax Depth for Small Field Sizes and Large Air Gaps MS 2005
Pushkar Desai Burmeister / McDermott MLC Quality Assurance for IMRT Delivery MS 2005
Nagaraju Mogili Burmeister / Joiner Effects of IMRT Treatment Time Prolongation on Tumor Cell Survival MS 2005
Qing Chen Yin The time delay for gated treatment from 4-D simulation to 4-D verification: a phantom study MS 2005
Tamara Kouskoulas Yudelev Activation of Metallic Prostheses in Patients Undergoing Fast Neutron Therapy MS 2005
Julius Okwu Nurushev Inhomogeneity corrections for megavoltage photon beams and effects on dose distributions for various tumor locations MS 2005
Ryan Smith Nurushev Breathing-Phased Volume Information Extraction from Free-Breathing CT Scan MS 2005
Bin Yao Burmeister Quantitative Verification of IMRT Intensity Maps Using an Amorphous Silicon Electronic Portal Imager MS 2005
Joao Agapito Richer Calculation of Relative Output Factors and Depth of Dose Maximum for Small Electron Fields from a Siemens Primus Linear Accelerator MS 2005
Robert Sieffert Orton A Patient Dose Verification Program Using Semiconductor Diodes MS 2004
Iuliana Lazea Yudelev d(48.5)+Be Neutron Beam Dosimetry Using Gafchromic HS Film MS 2004
Sarah Way (Alfano) Burmeister / McDermott Inverse-Planned IMRT for Breast Radiotherapy MS 2004
Zhong Huang Yin Dosimetric Analysis of Inverse Planning for IMRT MS 2004
Aime Gloi Van den Heuvel Uncertainties in Prostate Localization Using an Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) MS 2004
Aurelian Belecciu Hugo Verification Device for IMRT Commissioning MS 2004
Nicole Alvarado Burmeister Minimization of Contralateral Breast Dose in Conventional and Intensity Modulated Breast Radiotherapy MS 2004
Vijeshwar Sharma Burmeister The Effect of Air Gaps on Electron Beam Dose Output and Depth Dose Characteristics MS 2004
Dennis Kehoe McDermott Implementation of the MedTec QA Phantom and RIT Analysis Software for IMRT Hybrid Studies MS 2004
Lakshmi Santanam Burmeister Clinical Applications of IMRT to Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate: Portal Dose Verification and Intensity Modulated Neutron Radiotherapy PhD 2004
Wenzheng Feng Narayana Validation of a CT based Automatic Seed Localization Algorithm MS 2004
Agapitus Nkwocha Yudelev Analysis and Comparison of Postimplant Dosimetry of Different Implant Techniques on Permanent 125I Prostate Brachytherapy MS 2004
Adam Tazi Burmeister / McDermott Optimization of SMLC Segment Shapes and Weights for Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer MS 2004
Adrian Nalichowski Burmeister / McDermott Commissioning and Clinical Implementation of A MOSFET Dosimetry System MS 2004
Qiang Liu Burmeister / McDermott Effect of Respiratory Motion on the Delivery of Breast Radiotherapy Using Both Static and Dynamic Beam Modulation MS 2004
Scott Hunter Yudelev Mixed Dosimetry of d(48.5)+Be Neutrons With TLD- 300 MS 2003
Jonathan Farr Yudelev A Compact Multileaf Collimator for Conventional and Intensity Modulated Fast Neutron Therapy PhD 2003
Alberto Delazerda Orton Inverse Planning for Low Dose Rate Prostate Brachytherapy by Simulated Annealing Under Fuzzy Expert Control PhD 2003
Nicolas Charest Burmeister A Head Immobilization Study Comparing Three Different Non-Invasive Immobilization Techniques for Fractionated Radiotherapy MS 2002
Jeff Richer Burmeister Commissioning of a Sector Integration Technique for Calculation of Relative Output Factors for Clinical Electron Beams on a Siemens Primus Linear Accelerator MS 2002
Hector Garnica Van den Heuvel Radiation Source Modeling For Monte Carlo-Based Treatment Planning Systems PhD 2002
Tony He Van den Heuvel Implementation of a Monte Carlo Based Inverse Planning Module for Clinical IMRT with MCNP Code PhD 2002
Michelle Kritzman Orton Quality Control and Artifact Recognition for TCT- SPECT Systems MS 2001
Lakshmi Santanam Van den Heuvel Dose Response Characteristics of an a-Si Flat Panel Portal Imager MS 2001
Ergun Ahunbay Evelhoch Implementation of Propeller, Spiral, and Variable Density Spiral Methods for Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging PhD 2001
Ibrahim Duhaini Peck Using MRI Tissue Segmentation Technique to Predict Clinical Outcomes of Stroke Patients MS 2000
Rabih Hammoud Peck Prediction of Tissue Recovery Using Multiparameter MRI Segmentation for Stroke Patients MS 2000
Nick Schaaf Kota Photon Spectral Phenomena at the Entrance to Medical Linear Accelerator Mazes MS 2000
Anurag Sharma Orton Verification of Electron Beam Dosimetry MS 2000
Billy Shirlen Orton A Review of Methods of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy and Output Measurements for IMRT With a Varian Linac MS 2000
Nayyer Siddiqi Orton Improvements in the Therapeutic Treatment of Cervical Cancer: Identifying Hypoxia and Counteracting Effects MS 2000
Archie Chu Evelhoch Reduction of Motion Artifacts in Magnetic Resonance Diffusion Imaging PhD 2000
Faulk Michael Moore In vivo assessment of brain glutamatergic compounds via proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy MS 1999
Amy Harrison Spicka The computer generated compensator: Friend or Foe MS 1999
Mark Yudelev Maughan Dosimetry and Heterogeneity Effects in the d(48.5)+Be Neutron Beam at the Harper Hospital Superconducting Cyclotron PhD 1999
Jay Burmeister Maughan Specification of the Physical and Biologically Effective Absorbed Dose in Radiation Therapies Utilizing the Boron Neutron Capture Reaction PhD 1999
Todd Christensen Pipe Measurement of extracellular fraction using NMR and Gd-DTPA MS 1998
Greg Edmundson Orton Implementation of ultrasound evaluation of High Dose Rate brachytherapy in a commercial 3D treatment planning system MS 1998
Nagarajan Varadhan Yudelev TLD dosimetry in mixed radiation fields MS 1998
Todd Gibson Van Den Heuvel Dosimetric Characteristics of a wire chamber based portal imaging device MS 1998
Mark Rivard Wierzbicki Neutron Dosimetry, Moderated Energy Spectrum, and Neutron Capture Therapy for 252Cf Medical Sources PhD 1998
Mirek Bialkowski Wierzbicki Modeling of internal dose distributions during Sr-89 treatment of a patient with bone metastases MS 1997
Carlo Santa Ana Yudelev Dosimetry and Implementation of Dynamic wedge into a commercial treatment planning system MS 1997
Stephanie Sherfinski Ezzell Equivalence of beam spoiled 15MV beams to 6 MV MS 1997
    beams for tangential breast irradiation    
Kamil Yenice Van den Heuvel Clinical results of the retrospective dose surface histogram study of prostate treatment at Harper hospital MS 1997
Laura (Eck) Smith Orton Under 100mA mobile radiographic system evaluation MS 1997
Dawn Edwards Orton Radiopharmaceuticals and breast–feeding: Radiation doses and recommendations MS 1997
Joe Gilio Ezzell Tabu Search: An Automatic Treatment Planning Algorithm for Conformal Radiotherapy PhD 1997
Vrinda Narayana Orton Physical and Biological Approaches to the Improvement of Dosimetry and Delivery of Brachytherapy Treatment PhD 1997
Julie Fayad Orton Computerized Tomography in conformation radiotherapy: An overview of technology and research MS 1996
Yunxiang Huang Alecu Diode performance for in vivo dosimetry MS 1996
Madeline Palisca Ezzell A Comparison of Dose compensation techniques in Radiation therapy treatment planning MS 1996
David Waid Ezzell Quality Assurance of Theraplan/TP-11 Treatment Planning System at Harper Hospital Using AAPM Task Group #23 MS 1996
Richard Michaels Roberts Penumbral dose distributions of multileaf collimators versus cerrobend blocks MS 1996
Linda Robbins Windham Method for isolating Multiple Sclerosis lesions from magnetic resonance images MS 1996
Bhavani Rebbapragada McDermott A pilot study of in vivo dosimetry for routine QA in radiotherapy MS 1996
Ergun Ahunbay Chiu-Tsao Monte Carlo Dosimetry for Y-90 Intravascular Brachytherapy MS 1996
Jeffrey Hasenau Windham Image analysis of the hippocampus for surgically determining the epileptic foci in temporal lobe epilepsy MS 1996
Renu Sharma Forman Enhancement of prostate tumor volume definition with intravesical contrast, a 3D dosimetric evaluation MS 1996
Chandrasekhar Kota Maughan Microdosimetric Considerations in the Use of the Boron Neutron Capture Reaction in Radiation Therapy PhD 1996
Charles Stafford Orton Microwave electron linear accelerator history and design MS 1995
Joseph Okafor Orton Survey of dose specifications in brachytherapy MS 1995
Joseph Gilio Orton Optimization of conformal therapy treatment planning: A new algorithm MS 1995
Amy Sugarman Orton Treatment of Dunning R3327 Rat Prostate tumors and photodynamic therapy in combination with fast neutron therapy MS 1995
Raj Mitra Wierzbicki Benchmarking the MCNP Monte Carlo Code for brachytherapy sources MS 1995
Merwin Ho Orton An evaluation of missing tissue compensators MS 1995
Dongfang Zhong Orton Implementation of TG-51 worksheet by Gupta SQL windows MS 1995
Daniel Beideck Orton Nuclear medicine annual compliance testing MS 1995
Kevin Darbe Wierzbicki Comparison of theraplan 05 calculated dose vs actual measurements performed with TLDs, Si diodes, and an ion chamber in a paraffin neck model. MS 1995
Vidia Nathasingh Orton Cast Block Displacement: A Case Study MS 1995
Margaret Syrian Wierzbicki The clinical use of silicon diode detectors MS 1995
Sharon McMillan Orton Evaluating the effective dose to normal brain tissue in stereotactic radiosurgery MS 1995
Jose Gomes Pipe Segmentation of white matter and gray matter in magnetic resonance images of the brain MS 1995
Beth O'Dare Ezzell Electron Arc Therapy on the Siemens 6/15 at Harper Hospital MS 1995
Iris Ouyang Wierzbicki Data acquisitions and system setup for render plan 3D radiation treatment planning MS 1995
Ching-Sheng Liu Ezzell Survey on Intensity Modulation MS 1995
Liyun Chang Ezzell Correlation of simulator image with portal image MS 1995
Mark Rivard Wierzbicki Radionuclide development at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for use in a clinical setting MS 1995
Wassim Jalbout Roberts Total skin electron therapy at Harper Hospital MS 1995
Lawrence Metevier Orton Review of QA and calibration procedures for a high dose rate afterloader MS 1995
Rodica Alecu Orton Influence of the air cavity on Vocal cord treatment MS 1994
Tracy Lectka Orton A comparison of various HDR vs LDR brachytherapy treatments of the uterine cervix MS 1994
Marius Alecu Wierzbicki Electron backscatter estimation MS 1994
Dennis Aurand Orton Quality assurance for the beginning medical physicist MS 1994
Hann-Sen Chen Orton Lecture Planning for the Non-Curriculum Therapeutic physicists in Taiwan MS 1994
Walter Roberts Orton A system of Monte Carlo modeling techniques for clinical problems MS 1994
Jihui Yang Wierzbicki Radionuclides for pain palliation of metastatic bone cancer MS 1994
James Botti Orton A review of current methods for acceptance testing of gamma camera SPECT systems MS 1994
Akhil Syed McDermott An experimental test of Randall Wilkins Theory of Thermoluminescence MS 1994
Alan Cohen Chungbin Measurement of Off Axis Point Doses for Wedged ½ blocked fields MS 1994
Melita Joyce Orton A comparison of 2 film scanning systems for use in film dosimetry MS 1994
Daniel Archambeault Wierzbicki   MS 1994
Yuefeng(Michael) Hu Orton A comprehensive specification review of the render 3D Computer treatment planning system MS 1994
Praimakorn Liengsawangwong Ezzell Quality Assurance of HDR Remote Afterloading in Brachytherapy MS 1994
Julie Lo Orton Sonodynamic and Photodynamic Cytotoxicity MS 1994
Kamal Chawla Wong The influence of phosphor screen non-uniformities on megavoltage image quality MS 1994
Qiang Shen Orton Skin reactions in Radiation therapy MS 1994
Clay Stablein Yudelev Novel applications of the superconducting cyclotron multirod collimator and wedge filter design at Harper Hospital MS 1994
He Tongming Ragan A Monte Carlo based 3D Inversion Planning model for IMRT MS 1994
Gary Ezzell Orton Genetic and Geometric Optimization of Three Dimensional Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning PhD 1994
Rick Crilly Wilson / Orton Development of the Forward-Adjoint Fluorescence Model with Applications for Fiber Optic Detection Systems PhD 1994
Richard Mathew Kessell PDT Dosimetry: Experimental and theoretical evaluations. MS 1993
Ping Jin Orton Film Dosimetry for electron beams MS 1993
Ken Javedan Orton Field matching of megavoltage photon and electron beams MS 1993
Brian MacPhail Orton Acceptance testing of a Radiotherapy Simulator MS 1993
Zheng Jin Orton Bone heterogeneity effect on the I-125 seed dose distributions MS 1993
Nasser Tamimi Orton The pacemaker problem in radiation therapy MS 1993
Ray Hong Orton Patient dose verification with portal films MS 1993
Patrick McDermott Orton TBI at Harper Hospital MS 1993
Maksud Khatri Ezzell QA of electron beam planning software: Plato by Nucletron MS 1993
Gary Kosko Maughan Modified Lead attenuation method to determine the neutron sensitivity ku of a GM counter MS 1993
Marissa Hernandez Wierzbicki Scaling Methods involved in calibrating High energy photon beams MS 1993
Yishi Ren Cheong Interferometric and thermographic measurements of Pulse lasers MS 1993
George Sawabins Ezzell Assessment of the geometric accuracy of the stereotactic radiosurgery treatment method at the Gershenson ROC MS 1993
Sung Yong Park Ezzell   MS 1993
Dryden Daniel Orton Observed Electron Depth Dose Shifts Created when using Cerrobend blocking. MS 1993
Joyce Melita Orton A comparison of two film scanning systems for use in film dosimetry MS 1993
Robert Payne   The effect of Lucite Attenuation and Projection Orientation of Effective Focal spot size. MS 1993
Chun-Wei Li Evelhoch Evaluation of 31P Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Localization Techniques in Human Myocardium and Soft-Tissue Sarcomas PhD 1993
Rayma Bilicki Orton The impact of accreditation standards and Government intervention on the quality of Mammographic services in the state of Michigan MS 1992
Roger Jardine Maughan Radiation induced conductivity in insulator materials MS 1992
Suzanne Chungbin Orton Inhomogeneity Correction algorithms review and application to RTOG benchmark case MS 1992
Jun Lin Orton   MS 1992
Zheng Chen Orton The Physical and Radiobiological aspects of Radiosurgery MS 1992
Scott Moon Orton Development Use and evaluation of computer assisted 3D treatment planning in radiation therapy with high energy photon external beams. MS 1992
Danny Dickow Orton Design of flattening filters for the fast neutron beam by use of decrement lines and review characterization of a d(48)Be MeV Neutron therapy beam skin sparing MS 1992
Alicia Harris Orton Linac-based Stereotactic Radiosurgery MS 1992
Donald Peck Orton Segmentation of multispectral data using a linear transformation MS 1992
Dan Dryden Orton   MS 1992
Leslie Teper Orton TLD dosimetry for Palladium 103 Eye Plaque therapy MS 1992
Jao-Perng Lin Orton Clinical applications and methods of compensation systems in radiation therapy MS 1992
Yongqing Lou Orton Response of plateau HA-1 cells to x-ray irradiation with Low temperature hyperthermia MS 1992
Lin Jun Orton Bolus and compensator systems in Radiation therapy MS 1992
Sandra Seehaver Orton   MS 1992
Weiping Pan Goldstein   MS 1991
Lisa Langenstein Orton TBI: An evaluation of the use of the Boron neutron capture reaction in Radiation therapy MS 1991
Alex Ratkewicz Lieto TLD and Film dosimetry for Radiosurgery Photon beams MS 1991
Dennis Stallsmith Lieto Xray Absorptiometry: A Radiation Safety Perspective MS 1991
Shuo-Hung Ling Orton QA of HDR Remote AfterLoading in Brachtherapy MS 1991
Jahangir Satti Orton Radiation safety Database management system MS 1991
Frank Bolin Orton The measurement of the interaction of light with tissue MS 1991
Liang Song Orton QA in Radiotherapy MS 1991
Gheorge Lazarescu Orton Linear Quadratic model in prostate Cancer treatment MS 1991
David Weimer Orton A study in collimator comparison MS 1990
Martin Johnson Orton An evaluation of various Film screen combinations for portal imaging MS 1990
Joey Meadows Ezzell Electron beam irregular field blocking effect: A clinical study of 28 cases MS 1990
Praveen Dalmia     MS 1990
Archana Somnay Ezzell A system for radiosurgery of small intracranial lesions using an isocentric technique with a 10Mv Linac MS 1990
Tracy King Orton History and current trends in radiopharmaceutical dosimetry MS 1989
Alice Pichan Ezzell Virtual Source Distance Considered for Output Factor Determination with Irregular Electron Fields MS 1989
Lila Krishnan Orton   MS 1989
Selvaraj Naggapan   Tissue compensators for teletherapy MS 1989
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Ashok Shah Orton The analysis of hand exposures in the nuclear pharmacy MS 1988
Roy Taylor Orton Determining the optical attenuation coefficient for tissue using 3D sampling of Space irradiance MS 1988
Dan Tuharsky   The effects of 5 clinical variables on integral probability modeling in radiotherapy MS 1988
Neil Keller Orton The CT scanner MS 1988
Torabi Tooraj Orton      
Barbara Beebe Orton The radiobiology of fractionated radiotherapy MS 1987
Michael Rohan Orton Hyperthermia MS 1987
Timothy Kensora Orton In-vivo MRS of the transplanted human kidney MS 1987
David Porter Orton Dosimetry of whole body low energy electrons MS 1986
Ray Carlson Orton Single Photon Computed Tomography: Quality Control MS 1986
Timothy Lemond Orton Heavy particle radiation for cancer treatment MS 1986
Janice Campbell Orton Tumor dose in the lung/tumor interface regions of thoracic lesions treated with high energy beams MS 1986
Linda Schleis Orton Yellow light film processor system MS 1986
Tom Vitalis Orton Beam shaping and Modification in radiation therapy MS 1986
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Hendrik Van denEnde Orton Magnetic resonance Spectroscopic Imaging in Medicine MS 1986
Christopher Issa   Shielding of MRI units MS 1985
Vincent Cytacki Orton Quality Assurance Testing in Radiation therapy MS 1985
Cummings Richard Orton An overview of potassium iodide and the dose commitment of the thyroid from radioactive 40K contained in a KI tablet MS 1985
Terry Dillon Orton Patient dose related to CT scanning and digital radiography MS 1984
Hana Hanna Orton A QA program for remote controlled fluoroscopy devices MS 1984
Carol Kuntzler Orton Minimization of fetal dose in radiotherapy MS 1984
Ramanik Patel Orton NMR MS 1984
Rob Smereka Orton Activation of radiotherapy treatment aids irradiated with 18MV photons MS 1984
Denis Szemania Orton   MS 1984
Mewafak Tajiran Krohmer Optimizing chest radiography MS 1984
Kurt Blodgett Orton Magnetic Resonance Imaging MS 1984
Peter Mondalek   Characteristics of electron beam for inoperative radiotherapy MS 1983
Robert Payne Krohmer The effects of Lucite attenuation and projection orientation of the effective focal spot size MS 1983
Thomas Cherewick     MS 1979
Mark Freidin     MS 1979
Paul Vella     MS 1978
Gilbert Klein     MS 1973
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