Student Research Projects 

Title: Circular Dynamic MLC Deliveries for On- and Off-Axis Winston-Lutz Testing Utilizing Varian's TrueBeam Developer Mode.
Name: Jeffrey Alberghini
Advisor: Brian Loughery, PhD

Title: Tumor Response Feedback and Adaptive Dose Painting using Serial FDG-PET/CT Imaging.
Name: Shupeng Chen
Advisor: Di Yan, DSc.

Title: Traditional IMRT vs Rapid Arc (VMAT) for Head and Neck Cancer Treatments
Name: Erik Courter.
Advisor: Jay Burmeister, PhD

Title: Monte Carlo (Geant-4/GATE) estimation of clinician hand dose from theranostic deliveries
Student: Henry Edelman
Advisor: Brian Loughery
Title: Automation of annual output quality assurance using Truebeam™ Developer Mode
Students: Lisette LeMarise, Minjung Godfrey
Advisor: Brian Loughery
Title: Validation of Velocity™ for use in inter-fraction optimization of cervical brachytherapy
Student: Grahm Valadie
Advisor: Brian Loughery
Title: Treatment Planning Considerations for Total Body and Total Marrow Irradiation 
Student: Shahbaz Ahmed
Advisor: Jay Burmeister
Title: An Investigation of Uncertainties in Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
Student:Cory Knill
Advisor: Jay Burmeister
Title: The Current State of Research in Tumor Treating Fields
Student: Kirsten DeCampos 
Advisor: Jay Burmerister
Title: Accurate Detection, Segmentation, Staging and treatment response of GBM treatment from Multiparametric MRI Images with Artificial Intelligence
Student: Eric Caver
Advisor: Winston Wen
Title: Are We There Yet?  Creating the Optimum Radiotherapy Treatment Plan
Student: Kathryn Masi
Advisor: Martha Matuszak
Title: Adaptive Planning for Cervical Cancer
Student: Rebecca Culcasi
Advisor: Michael Snyder


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