Student Research Projects 

Title: Circular Dynamic MLC Deliveries for On- and Off-Axis Winston-Lutz Testing Utilizing Varian's TrueBeam Developer Mode.
Name: Jeffrey Alberghini
Advisor: Brian Loughery, PhD

Title: Tumor Response Feedback and Adaptive Dose Painting using Serial FDG-PET/CT Imaging.
Name: Shupeng Chen
Advisor: Di Yan, DSc.

Title: Traditional IMRT vs Rapid Arc (VMAT) for Head and Neck Cancer Treatments
Name: Erik Courter.
Advisor: Jay Burmeister, PhD

Title: Monte Carlo (Geant-4/GATE) estimation of clinician hand dose from theranostic deliveries
Student: Henry Edelman
Advisor: Brian Loughery
Title: Automation of annual output quality assurance using Truebeamâ„¢ Developer Mode
Students: Lisette LeMarise, Minjung Godfrey
Advisor: Brian Loughery
Title: Validation of Velocityâ„¢ for use in inter-fraction optimization of cervical brachytherapy
Student: Grahm Valadie
Advisor: Brian Loughery
Title: Treatment Planning Considerations for Total Body and Total Marrow Irradiation 
Student: Shahbaz Ahmed
Advisor: Jay Burmeister
Title: An Investigation of Uncertainties in Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
Student:Cory Knill
Advisor: Jay Burmeister
Title: The Current State of Research in Tumor Treating Fields
Student: Kirsten DeCampos 
Advisor: Jay Burmerister
Title: Accurate Detection, Segmentation, Staging and treatment response of GBM treatment from Multiparametric MRI Images with Artificial Intelligence
Student: Eric Caver
Advisor: Winston Wen
Title: Are We There Yet?  Creating the Optimum Radiotherapy Treatment Plan
Student: Kathryn Masi
Advisor: Martha Matuszak
Title: Adaptive Planning for Cervical Cancer
Student: Rebecca Culcasi
Advisor: Michael Snyder


  • 2023 Publications
  • 2022 Publications

    Solanki, A.A., Burmeister, J.W., Mak., R.H., Moran, J.M.  Looking Backwards and Forwards:  Learning from and updating the ASTRO Safety White Papers 10 years later. Pract. Rad. Onc. (2022).

     Moran, J., Bazan, J.G., Dawes, S., Napolitano, B., Redmond, K.J., Xiao, Y., Yamada, Y., Burmeister, J.  Quality and Safety Considerations in Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy: An ASTRO Safety White Paper Update.  Pract. Rad. Onc. (2022).

     Burmeister, J., Dominello, M.M., Soulliere, R., Baran, G., Dess, K., Loughery, B., Jang, H., Kim, S., Jelich, M., Laszewksi, P., Zelko, C., Hamel, L. A Direct Patient-Provider Relationship with the Medical Physicist Reduces Anxiety in Radiotherapy Patients.  Int. J. Radiat. Onc. Biol. Phys., (2022)

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     Prisciandaro, J.I., Burmeister, J.W., DeLuca, P.M., Gerbi, B.J., Giger, M.L., Robar, J.L., Seibert, J.A.  AAPM Task Group 298: Recommendations on Certificate Program / Alternative Pathway Candidate Education and Training.  J Applied Clin Med Phys., (2022).

     Burmeister, J., Coffey, C. W., Hazle, J. D., Kirby, N., Kuang, Y., Lamba, M. A., Loughery, B., Papanikolaou, N.  AAPM Report 373: The Content, Structure, and Value of the Professional Doctorate in Medical Physics (DMP).  J Applied Clin Med Phys., 23, e13771, (2022).

     Atwood, T. F., Lamichhane, N., Howell, K., Weiss, S., Bird, L., Pearson, C., Joiner, M.C., Dominello, M., and Burmeister, J.  A physicist's time is better spent in direct patient/provider interaction than in the patient's chart.  J Applied Clin Med Phys., 23, e13559, (2022).

     Guerrieri, P., Jacob, N. K., Maxim, P. G., Sawant, A., Van Nest, S. J., Mohindra, P., Dominello, M. M., Burmeister, J., and Joiner, M. C.  FLASH radiotherapy needs ongoing basic and animal research before implementing it to a large clinical scale.  J Applied Clin Med Phys. 23, e13547, (2022).

     Moncion, A., Wilson, M., Ma, R., Marsh, R., Burmeister, J., Dryden, D., Lack, D., Grubb, M., Mayville, A., Jursinic, P., Dess, K., Kamp, J., Young, K., Dilworth, J., Kestin, L., Jagsi, R., Mietzel, M., Vicini, F., Pierce, L., Moran, J.  Evaluation of Dose Accuracy in the Near-Surface Region for Whole Breast Irradiation Techniques in a Multi-Institutional Consortium.  Pract. Rad. Onc. 12, e317-e328 (2022).


  • 2021 Publications

    Ahmed, S., Bossenberger, T., Nalichowski, A., Bredfeldt, J.S., Bartlett, S., Bertone, K., Dominello, M., Dziemianowicz, M., Komajda, M., Makrigiorgos, G.M., Marcus, K., Ng, K., Thomas, M., Burmeister, J.  A Bi-Institutional Multi-Disciplinary Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) for a Co-60 Based Total Body Irradiation Technique, Radiation Oncology, 16:224, (2021).

     Jaworski, E., Yin, H., Griffith, K., Pandya, R., Mancini, B., Jolly, S., Boike, T., Moran, J., Dominello, M., Wilson, M., Parker, J., Burmeister, J., Fraser, C., Miller, L., Baldwin, K., Meitzel, M., Grubb, M., Kendrick, D., Spratt, D., Hayman, J.  Contemporary practice patterns for palliative radiotherapy of bone metastases: Impact of a quality improvement project on extended fractionation.  Pract. Rad. Onc. 11, e498-e505, (2021).

     Padilla, L., Burmeister, J., Burnett, O.L., Covington, E., Den, R.B., Dominello, M.M., Du, K.L., Galavis, P.E., Junell, S., Kahn, J., Kishore, M., Mooney, K., Mukhopadhyay, N.D., Studenski, M.T., Yechieli, R.L., Fields, E.C.  Interprofessional Image Verification Workshop for Physician and Physics Residents: A Multi-Institutional Experience.  Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. 111, 1058-1065 (2021).

     Culcasi, R., Baran, G., Dominello, M., Burmeister, J.  Stereotactic Radiosurgery Commissioning and QA Test Cases - a TG-119 Approach for Stereotactic Radiosurgery.  Med. Phys. (2021).

     Baran, G., Dominello, M., Bossenberger, T., Paximadis, P., Burmeister, J.  MVCT vs. kV-CBCT for Targets Subject to Respiratory Motion: A Phantom Study.  J Applied Clin Med Phys. 22, 143-152, (2021).

     Pearlman, R., Hanna, R., Burmeister, J., Abrams, J., Dominello, M.  Adverse Effects of Total Body Irradiation: A Two Decade Single Institution Analysis.  Adv. Rad Onc. 6, 100723 (2021).

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  • 2020 Publications

    Ahmad, A., Santanam, L., Solanki, A., Padilla, L., Vlashi, E., Guerrieri, P., Dominello, M., Burmeister, J., and Joiner, M.  Peer review in radiation oncology is more effective today than 20 years ago.  J Applied Clin Med Phys., 21:11, 7-13 (2020).

    Turchan, W.T., Aryu, R., Hight, R., Al-Hallaq, H., Dominello, M., Joyce, D., McCabe, B., McCall, A., Perevalova, E., Stepaniak, C., Yenice, K., Burmeister, J., Golden, D.W.  Physician Review of Image Registration and Normal Structure Delineation: A Potential Quality and Safety Gap.  J Applied Clin Med Phys., 21:11, 80-87 (2020).

    Jagsi, R., Griffith, K.A., Vicini, F., Boike, T., Burmeister, J., Dominello, M., Grills, I., Hayman, J., Moran, J., Paximadis, P., Radawski, J., Walker, E., Pierce, L.  Towards improving patients’ experiences of acute toxicity from breast radiotherapy:  insights from the analysis of patient-reported outcomes in a large multicenter cohort.  J Clin Onc, DOI: 10.1200/JCO.20.01703, PMID: 32986529 (2020).

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    Green, M., Van Nest, S., Soisson, E., Huber, K., Liao, Y., McBride, W., Dominello, M., Burmeister, J., Joiner, M.  We should treat all cancer patients with hypofraction.  J Applied Clin Med Phys., 21:6, 7-14 (2020).

    Shaikh, M.Y., Joiner, M.C., Nalichowski, A., Kumaraswamy, L.K., Burmeister, J. Evaluating the dosimetric impact of manufacturing variations for the INTRABEAM X-ray source.  J Applied Clin Med Phys., 21:3, 20-31 (2020).

    Shaikh, M., Nalichowski, A., Joiner, M., Burmeister, J.    Dosimetric evaluation of the INTRABEAM® system for breast intraoperative radiotherapy: A single institution experience.  Med. Dos., 45, e1-e6 (2020).

    Howell, K., Matuszak, M., Maitz, C., Eisaman, S., Padilla, L., Brown, S., Joiner, M., Dominello, M., Burmeister, J.  In the future, at least 20% of NIH funding for radiotherapy research should be allocated to non-oncologic applications.  J Applied Clin Med Phys., 21:2, 7-13 (2020).

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    Burmeister, J., Buatti, J., Jimenez, R., Marcrom, S., Olivier, K., Price, M., Wallner, P.  Exam Preparation and Performance Reporting Changes for the American Board of Radiology Radiation Oncology Physics Examination: Results from the ASTRO Workgroup.  Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol., 106, 43-44 (2020).

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    Sheng Chang, Gang Liu, Lewei Zhao, Joshua Dilworth, Weili Zheng, Saada Jawad, Di Yan, Peter Chen, Craig Stevens, Peyman Kabolizadeh, Xiaoqiang Li, Xuanfeng Ding*, Feasibility study:  Spot-scanning Proton Arc therapy (SPArc) for left-sided breast irradiation. Radiation Oncology 2020

    Gang Liu, Xiaoqiang Li*, Lewei Zhao, Weili Zheng, An Qin, Di Yan, Craig Stevens, Peyman Kabolizadeh, Xuanfeng Ding*, A novel energy layer sequence optimization algorithm for efficient spot-scanning arc therapy delivery. Acta Oncologica, Published online: 18 May 2020

    Gang Liu, Xiaoqiang Li, An Qin, Weili Zheng, Di Yan, Sheng Zhang ,  Craig Stevens, Peyman Kabolizadeh, Xuanfeng Ding* , Improve the dosimetric outcome in bilateral head and neck cancer (HNC) treatment using spot- Scanning Proton Arc (SPArc) therapy: a feasibility study, Radiat Oncol. 2020; 15: 21.

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    Shiyam Sundar LK, Baajour S, Beyer T, Lanzenberger R, Traub-Weidinger T, Rausch I, Pataraia E, Hahn A, 

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    Gang Liu, Xiaoqaing Li, Lewei Zhao, Weili Zheng, An Qin, Sheng Zhang, Craig Stevens, Di Yan, Peyman Kabolizadeh, Xuanfeng Ding, A novel energy sequence optimization algorithm for efficient spot-scanning arc (SPArc) treatment delivery. Acta Oncologica 2020. DOI: 10.1080/0284186X.2020.1765415 

    Gan Liu Xiaoqiang LiAQin Weili Zheng Di Yan, ShengZhang, Craig Stevens, PeymanKabolizadeh,  X Ding:Improve the dosimetric outcome in bilateral head and neck cancer (HNC) treatment using Spot Scanning Proton Arc (SPArc) therapy: a feasibility study. Radiation Oncology 2020. Doi:10.1186/s13014-020-1476-9 

    Di Yan, Shupeng Chen, Daniel J Krauss, Peter Chen, Rohan Deraniyagala, Hong Ye, George Wilson: Inter-/intra-tumoral Variations of Tumor Baseline Metabolic Activity and Dose Response: Impact on Tumor Control and Treatment Dose Prescription. Radiotherapy & Oncology 2020. 15(21):235-242 

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    Michael Snyder, Jessica Vadas, John Musselwhite, Robert Halford, George Wilson, Craig Stevens, Di Yan: Technical Note: FLASH Radiotherapy Monitor Chamber Signal Conditioning. Medical Physics 2020, Dec 9. doi: 10.1002/mp.14650. 

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