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Wayne State University

Aim Higher

School of Medicine

Faculty Profile: Otto Muzik

Address: Radiology Dept.
Children''s Hospital of Michigan
3901 Beaubien Blvd
Detroit , MI 48201
Phone: 313-993-2616
Office Location: Children's Hospital of Michigan PET Center
Relatively recent CV: N/A
I am an imaging physicist in the Children's Hospital of Michigan specializing in PET/CT and PET/MR. I currently teach the Nuclear Medicine course in the Graduate Program as well as several guest lectures in the Resident and Undergraduate courses run through the department.


I am principally interested in PET/MR research, focused on diagnostic applications.


My current Research Interests include, but are not limited to:

  • PET/CT
  • Glioblastoma
  • Functional MR
  • Kinetic modelling

Due to the fact that a majority of the students entering the program choose to study therapeutic physics, most of my research involves post-doctoral candidates and research faculty.  However, any student interested in PET/CT/MR research can freely contact me about potential projects.

Recent Projects

  • "Increased tryptophan uptake on PET has strong independent prognostic value in patients with a previously treated high-grade glioma."
  • "Evaluating signal-correlated noise as a control task with language-related gamma activity on electrocorticography."
  • "Evaluating the arcuate fasciculus with combined diffusion-weighted MRI tractography and electrocorticography."
  • "Differentiation of glioblastomas from metastatic brain tumors by tryptophan uptake and kinetic analysis: a positron emission tomographic study with magnetic resonance imaging comparison."
  • "Language difficulties in children adopted internationally: Neuropsychological and functional neural correlates."
  • "GABAA Receptor Imaging With Positron Emission Tomography in the Human Newborn: A Unique Binding Pattern.""
  • "The need for clinical quantification of combined PET/MRI data in pediatric epilepsy
  • "15O PET Measurement of Blood Flow and Oxygen Consumption in Cold-Activated Human Brown Fat."
  • "Tryptophan PET in pretreatment delineation of newly-diagnosed gliomas: MRI and histopathologic correlates."